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Queer Jazz UK

Queer Jazz was co-founded in 2023 by musician Jelly Cleaver and DJ Tina Edwards to promote Queer jazz artists and nurture an emerging queer jazz scene. While Tina was interviewing Jelly for an article about the queer jazz scene, they both came to the conclusion that, while there wasn’t much of an existing queer jazz scene at the moment, they should definitely do something about it. They also noticed how queer jazz musicians had historically been written out of their place in jazz, and young jazz musicians had no queer icons who they could look up to or spaces their identities were welcomed or honoured. So, Queer Jazz was launched in Pride of 2023 with a gig mini-series highlighting amazing queer jazz musicians and fostering a space for a queer jazz scene to emerge. They have since worked with partners including London Jazz Festival and Brick Lane Jazz Festival, been featured in Clash Magazine, Jazzwise and Jazz FM, and amassed a growing following.

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